Product Finding 1

Product Finding

Settle All Products only at One Stop

Goldland’s experience and connection with reputable partners allow you to find specific SMT machines and SMT parts. We can even find obscure or discontinued parts and machines that you require for your PCB assembly needs.

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Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance and Repair

You Name it, We Solve it

Experienced engineers who have worked in the SMT machine industry for several years are a part of our team. With our one-month warranty and after-sales service, we offer efficient machine and production line maintenance & repair services to address any issues.
our staff packs equipment with firm packaging and strong wooden cases

Firm Packaging

Good Packaging, Thriving Business

Your SMT parts, machine, and production line equipment are packed with firm packaging and strong wooden cases during delivery. With our dedicated workers and inspectors, we can ensure your SMT machines are safely shipped to you. 

We buy surplus machine and parts

Reclaiming Used Machines and Parts

We Buy Your Surplus Machine and Parts

When you need to make room for your production floor or upgrade your equipment, we offer an ideal solution for asset recovery. Goldland’s long-standing global resources enable us to pay you competitive prices for your used SMT equipment and parts.

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Logistics Management

Logistics Management

Ship to the Exact Place, at the Right Time

Partnered with several reputable and trusted logistics networks, we can ensure your SMT machine and SMT parts orders are delivered to you on time. Goldland’s punctual delivery service allows you to address your business requirements or fulfill any project goals within a short period.

Hassle-free After-sales

Hassle-free After-sales

Let the Professionals Take Your Hassle Out

Each SMT parts and SMT machine you order comes with one-month after-sales services and professional technical support. The dedicated and well-trained engineers within our team can provide an efficient solution for various issues.

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