Product Finding

Tapping reliable suppliers help us find products that match your budget and specifications and give you peace of mind.

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    Step 01

    Specifying Your Needs

    Respond within 8 Hours

    Fill in our forms with the required information such as brands, models, and serial numbers for us to identify the right SMT machines and parts. By informing us beforehand, we respond quickly and notify our suppliers to deliver the parts and machinery you need.

    Step 02

    Searching & Sourcing Products

    Complete Finding Within 2 Days

    An established supply chain system and extensive resources help minimize hassles in acquiring new and rare SMT products. With a rigid supplier auditing process, we already have a list of trusted suppliers so that we can consistently deliver the machinery you need within the expected lead time.

    Searching Sourcing Products
    Confirming Equipment and Part

    Step 03

    Confirming Equipment and Parts

    Settle Your Products Within 2 Days

    After finding the right suppliers, we confirm that we have the products ordered at the right volume and meet specifications based on our quality control measures. Providing you updates on the process will help ease your concerns. Expect within 2 days to have your products settled and make them ready for shipping.

    Step 04

    Receiving Quotation

    Complete Your Order within Seconds

    To make the completion of your order easier, we send you a specific quotation listing the costs for your ordered products. We aim to be straightforward with our transactions to minimize delays and help you proceed with your business more smoothly.

    Receiving Quotation
    logistics management

    Step 05

    Receiving Your Products

    Get Your Products as Fast as 3 Days

    Providing you attentive customer service, we contact logistics agencies to help us arrange the transportation of goods from warehouse to your plant. Through our connections, we deliver through the help of fast shipping lines and you can receive your products within 3 days.

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