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The increasing density, decreasing size and more complicated placement of PCBs and their components have made it nearly impossible for traditional inspection methods to find faults thoroughly.


However , X-ray inspection technique can collect detailed images where other methods leave much to be desired. X-ray has the ability to penetrate through the layers of PCB to inspect inner layers of circuit and packaging, making it more useful to inspect the solder joints of complex PCB assemblies. For this reason, PCB inspection with X-ray technology is becoming increasingly popular. Goldland cooperates with reputed X-ray agents and obtains reliable technical support to ensure that he can provide inspection equipment for production at competitive prices and high-performance products.


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With our mature supply chain, we can easily find the SMT parts and machines that meet your business requirements within two days. Goldland is capable of finding rare and discontinued products thanks to our capabilities. Contact our experts today!

Outstanding Products Make You Stand Out

Our X-ray can accurately detect the internal problems with the quality of products which may not be detected by the naked eye, SPI or AOI inspection machine. It will reduce the defective rate of your products and enhance your brand image.

High Performance

X-ray inspection has the ability to penetrate through the layers of PCBs and their components to inspect inner layers of circuit and packaging to reduce the defective rate of your products and enhance your brand image.

Quality Assurance

Our X-ray machines will be thoroughly inspected before shipment to ensure that they are in a good condition, with clear phase and no X-ray leakage.

Low Maintenance

Requiring less maintenance, our X-ray retains their qualities for long periods, helping you save SMT equipment maintenance costs.

Professional Technical Support

Our expert technicians can tackle your concerns within 48 hours of reporting technical matters.

Quality is in Everything We Do

Goldland incorporates a strict QC system with professional inspectors and technicians. The collective experience and knowledge of our staff guarantee superior PCB loader performance and service life. We can detect flaws or issues among our machines through incoming tests and inspections.

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