One-stop Solution

From product selection to technical support, we help you in every step of the process to help guarantee the smooth operation of your factory and SMT business.

We Bring Impactful One-stop SMT Solution

Goldland delivers a variety of SMT parts, machines, and production lines from a variety of brands. Through our smooth integration, we guarantee our SMT products can match your business requirements and enable smooth production processes.

SMT Parts

In supporting numerous famous brands, we offer affordable SMT spare parts which are ready to help integrate with used and brand new SMT machines.

SMT Machine

Our extensive supply network and connections can help you find the right SMT machine and acquire used or brand new SMT machines that you require.

SMT Production Line

Through our robust SMT know-how and abundant resources, we offer bespoke solutions and unparalleled one-stop services to integrate your desired production line.

SMT Parts Solution

SMT parts, whether used or brand new, have been cleaned and inspected beforehand, to see if they can be integrated into any machine. With our support, we precisely match parts to fit your specifications.

Through strict testing and quality assessments, we align with suppliers who bring genuine products guaranteed to perform well within your requirements.

Along with our supply network, we use our extensive resources to thoroughly search for rare SMT products in any region for your satisfaction.

With astute market knowledge, we understand the latest trends and recommend the best-selling SMT products and parts that meet the latest standards.

In finding the right products at one stop, we give you value-added services for a fulfilling purchasing experience.

In consideration of your budget, we provide SMT parts and machines that with cost-effective to boost your PCB production business.

SMT Machine Solution

Assembling production lines for factories, we provide numerous SMT equipment from a wide range of brands to support your diverse needs at affordable prices.

Abundant Brands

We supply a series of SMT machines covering more than 30 brands, including Yamaha, FUJI, Panasonic, and more to flexibly adapt to your specifications and various needs.

Used & Brand New Machine

We cover diverse SMT machines tested for their efficiency, ranging from used machines for matching with various production lines to brand new items.

Rigorous Quality Control

We choose suppliers that offer consistently high-quality SMT machines. Inspect incoming and outcoming items ensures our machines perform optimally within your factory.

10 Years of Experience

Since 2006, we have handled a variety of orders, providing SMT equipment that meets every kind of factory requirement and ensuring smooth integration.

SMT Production Line Solution

With advanced SMT equipment, we assemble production lines that are evaluated to deliver a complete and high-performance SMT process.

Powerful Integration Capability

Powerful Integration Capability

Integrating our SMT production line into your factory takes the refined skill of our technicians and the right machinery from trusted suppliers.

Tailor-made Solution

We come up with the most tailor-made solution for your bespoke SMT production line and strive to guarantee you the optimal performance of your SMT line.

Tailor made Solution
tailor-made solution

Comprehensive Services

Goldland prioritizes your utmost satisfaction as we supply you with the exact spare parts for repairs and brilliant technicians to guide machinery operations.

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