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As solder paste deposition is vital in board assembly operations, we ensure our solder paste printers are free from errors during the manufacturing process. Covering semi-automatic and fully automatic printing, our solder paste printers release uniform thick solder paste for accurate printing.


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With our mature supply chain, we can easily find the SMT parts and machines that meet your business requirements within two days. Goldland is capable of finding rare and discontinued products thanks to our capabilities. Contact our experts today!

Outstanding Products Make You Stand Out

Throughout the process, we make sure our solder paste printers are in optimal condition before delivery. We conduct strict tests to ensure their high accuracy and help maintain their long-lasting qualities.

Accurate Depositing

Our printers deposit the right amount of appropriate thick solder paste on printed circuit boards, leaving little room for error with every print.

High Efficiency

With incredible speed and precision, our printers produce complex depositing over circuit boards, enabling large-volume printing.

High Performance

With uniform solder paste printing thickness and following specifications, we lower the defect rate significantly and enable uninterrupted printing.

Ease of Use

Our fully-automatic printers possess auto-programming that makes them easy to use and control, preventing most problems throughout the process.

Quality is in Everything We Do

Following strictly industry standards, we check incoming solder paste printers for any defects to guarantee a consistent supply of quality products. Our professional inspectors run numerous tests on our printers to see if they can manage continuous performance over extended periods.

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