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Providing the global market with practical and comprehensive SMT solutions is what Goldland is all about. As a supplier of SMT machines and SMT parts, we have ensured unparalleled satisfaction since 2006. 

Purchase Your SMT Machine, Parts, and Line at One stop, at Once

Whether you’re in the market for complete SMT machines or fully-built production lines, Goldland’s lineup of products is sure to meet your diverse manufacturing needs.

As SMT machine supplier, Goldland carries a range of brand-new and used SMT machines that support the most famous brands, all at amazingly competitive prices. 

Purchase all the SMT parts you need at one stop! Goldland has new and refurbished parts that will perfectly fit your market demands.

With Goldland’s robust experience in SMT construction and abundant resources, we offer professional bespoke electronic production line solutions and unmatched service.

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From sourcing the right products to safe and on-time delivery, Goldland takes care of purchasing so you can focus on expanding your business.

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Meet Goldland, Your Robust SMT Partner

Since 2006, Goldland has been a leading supplier of reliable SMT machines and SMT parts in China. Our dedication to providing global electronics manufacturing enterprises with all-in-one PCB assembly equipment solutions has resulted in many successful and long-term partnerships with leading brands worldwide.

Our professional SMT solutions are tailor-made to satisfy the unique needs of your market and audience.

Cater to a broader market with our series of SMT products, including SMT machines, SMT parts, and SMT lines from reputable brands.

Customize your cost-effective SMT production line with our SMT machines to raise your systems’ efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Unparalleled Services Get You all Covered

More than a source for premium SMT machines and parts, Goldland offers a scope of services that brings more value to your brand.

Used SMT Machine & Parts Reclaiming

Make more room on your inventory and your budget as we purchase your surplus SMT machines and parts.

Drop Shipping Service

Enjoy fast purchasing with guaranteed safe and quick deliveries with our partner logistics companies bringing your products directly to your doorstep.

Machine Maintenance

You can rest assured about after-sales problems as we offer preventive maintenance services on the SMT machines upon request.

Technical Support

Equipped with expert technicians with robust product experience, our support team is ready to tackle your equipment concerns.

As Fast as 3 Days

From Shelf to Your Place

Spanning an area of 1,000m², Goldland is taking pride in our inventory size and efficient management protocols, we ship out your products faster than our peers.

Enabling the Digital World with Goldland

As a trusted supplier of SMT machines and parts, Goldland plays a crucial role in facilitating the transition and development of several critical industries into the digital age.


We have been at the forefront of solving manufacturing challenges posed by medical device suppliers, including complex and sensitive electronic assemblies, which is the heart of all medical products.


With modern electronic equipment becoming more miniaturized, we assist in distributing more sophisticated and more compact PCB assemblies and machines that are required to match the industry’s changing production demands.


Understanding the critical role that superior quality and rapid production cycles play in the telecommunication industry, we work closely with clients to guarantee all requirements are consistently met on time.


As the industrial field continues to advance, our experience and expertise provide the innovative solutions required to develop cutting-edge machinery and production lines to meet its specific demands.


Goldland strives to stay in tune with the market to help solve growing needs in the automotive industry, as complex, functional, and well-guided operations become the norm for electronic systems.

Home Appliances

With smart home appliances appearing more on store shelves, the constant advancement of SMT machines assists in the continuous and reliable production of these appliances.

Our Partners

As a testament to our commitment to excellent sourcing, we established partnerships with top global brands that utilize our services to satisfy their markets.

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