About Goldland

Our journey to excellent service starts with how we build our company culture and develop the intricate supply network and services to give factories the SMT equipment and parts they pay for.

Your One-stop SMT Solution Provider

Founded in 2006, as a professional SMT machine and parts supplier, Goldland is dedicated to continually expanding our supply network and resources to provide one-stop solutions for the SMT and PCB assembly industries. Through our team’s abundant experience and professional industry knowledge, we help you get the right SMT products for budget-friendly prices.

Unparalleled Services

Offering training, maintenance, repairs, and spare parts delivery, our professional staff responds to your needs with utmost precision.

Stringent Quality Control

Boasting strict quality system, we guarantee you premium SMT spare parts and machines, boosting your business to the next level.

Contemporary Warehouse

With an area of 1,000 sq m, we have stocked more than 3,000 kinds of SMT spare parts and machines for urgent orders and fast delivery. 


As a dedicated supplier of SMT machines and parts, we are committed to providing superior products and unparalleled services to you.

Being the loyal SMT partner and your technical team in China, we do not believe in shortcuts and make a great effort to serve you regardless of business size.

Core Value

We believe that our offer can bridge your needs and our solution can address your pain. Meanwhile, we try our best to supply you with the most superior SMT products in order to bring you the desired result and performance.

Rely on Goldland for

Exceptional Products and Solutions

Offering genuine products within negotiable lead times and prices, our professional team offers exceptional one-stop solutions to boost your business.


Through our supply network, we offer you genuine SMT products at affordable prices that ensure your production line can operate in the long term.



Within 8 hours, we offer clear and concise responses to your concerns. Throughout the product acquisition process, we prioritize speedy delivery through attentive logistics and fast shipping.


Through our competence and industry knowledge, we identify the right SMT solutions for your business and offer assistance in helping you operate your business more efficiently.

Don't Take Our Word for It

Our Milestone

Looking at our history shows you our competence in managing a wide array of challenges to provide the right SMT solutions for your business.


Goldland continues to grow through its presence in exhibitions and fairs, as well as extensive collaborations with numerous brands to further the development of the SMT industry.


Having integrated with some of the most reputable companies in the SMT industry, we began another expansion that helped draw in wider support. Establishing the Sunway group, we moved to the Tantou West Industrial Zone to further our operations.


Together with QNFD, Goldland moved to Nan Ling Road 88# Industrial area. As such, we have expanded the company’s operating area to reach more than 3000 square meters and maximize our one-stop operations.


Due to growing supply network and fast delivery to various markets, we have collaborated with several local SMT companies. Together, we established the QNFD SMT wholesale market that propagated the SMT industry.


As we expanded our operations, we began renting and selling SMT equipment to help assemble SMT production lines. Due to the growing demand for more attentive technical support, we built our own technical team.


We began to stock SMT feeders and spare parts to sell to domestic and overseas markets. Within our warehouse, we were able to store enough machines and parts to meet regular orders.


Goldland has established a strong presence in China as a supplier of SMT machines and parts. Through our dedicated service, we connected with renowned domestic suppliers and began building our sturdy supply network.

Meet Our Team

Competent Elites Behind Your Back

Our brilliant team of technicians is composed of young and experienced talents, with over decades of experience. Ranging from technical support to incoming materials and quality inspections, our experts back you up with value-added services that give you peace of mind in your operations.

Speaking truthfully makes us more able to secure your trust and work better with you.

We take responsibility for any damages and prevent errors throughout production.

We provide the exact answers you require and respond rapidly to address your concerns.

We study thoroughly every technical aspect to find suitable SMT products for you.

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