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For efficient manufacturing, Goldland provides SMT production lines with high performance and excellent quality to suit the needs of various industries.

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Goldland specializes in offering turnkey SMT production line solutions and bespoke setups to boost production through the combination of abundant resources, robust integration capabilities, and technical competency. Our rigorous quality system and professional technical support team guarantee reliable performance from the day they’re received. Contact us today and see how we can meet your production line needs.

Goldland's Capability in Figures

Always aiming to satisfy our customers, Goldland focuses on high-quality manufacturing of SMT production lines specifically designed to the customer’s immediate and long-term requirements.

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Bother with These Problems? We always Get the Right Solution

Purchasing SMT production lines from China can be a costly and underwhelming experience. Goldland, however, turns this around and ensures a fulfilling and cost-effective transaction.

Your Potential Challenges

Our Specific Solutions

Unqualified Manufacturer

Many SMT production line provider don’t have the experience and understanding needed for bespoke setups.

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Professional Manufacturer

Goldland has more than 16 years experience of working with electronic manufacturers and a deep understanding of SMT production line assembly.

Poor Quality

Without proper quality inspection, SMT production lines will be prone to malfunctions and production downtime.

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High Quality

Strict quality control standards throughout sourcing and assembly guarantee optimal and long-term performance.

Lack of Technical Support

Missing technical personnel to assist with equipment concerns leads to more expenses and lower productivity.

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Professional SMT Line Know-how

Get competent technical support from seasoned technicians to handle your concerns regarding the production line.

We Know All Your Needs, We Head for Them


Thorough understanding and research of your pressing PCBA production needs allow us to offer professional tailor-made solutions that address the outlying concerns explicitly.

Fast ROI

Our SMT production lines feature high-performance capabilities and superior quality, ensuring consistent output that helps drive productivity and increase ROI within a short timeframe.

Cost-effective Customization

Whether you need new SMT machines or refurbished equipment to complete your production line, we focus on meeting your budget without compromising quality and consistent output.

Our Process at a Glance

Goldland offers a streamlined SMT production line assembly process to build the ideal production line based on your budget and design specifications.



The initial step is understanding the customer’s specific production needs through proper communication with our sales team.



Once a final design is completed, a proposal is generated and sent to the customer for approval. Revisions are done at this point until the customer is satisfied with the build.

Proposal Providing

Proposal Providing

Once a final design is completed, a proposal is generated and sent to the customer for approval. Revisions are done at this point until the customer is satisfied with the build.

staff integrates SMT equipment into the SMT production line


After receiving the approval for the design, we start sourcing the machines and parts needed and integrate them into the SMT production line.

we rigorously test the production line


From incoming product testing to final inspection and debugging, we rigorously test the production line to guarantee efficient and reliable performance.

staff is packing machine with wooden cases and firm packaging


To protect the completed production line during transit, the machines are individually packed with wooden cases and firm packaging, all of which are inspected before leaving the warehouse.

SMT machine delivering


We set up the delivery details through our partner logistics companies while also working on the necessary documents for international shipments.

Peace of Mind After Sale within Reach

Goldland is dedicated to elevating your brand to success through our expertise and after-sales services. We are more than your typical SMT production line provider.

Timely Technical Support
Timely Technical Support

Expert technicians are available to address your concerns regarding the production line, saving time and money on system downtimes.

Technical Support
Maintenance & Repair

Keep these SMT production lines in shape and maintain their high performances through our preventive maintenance and on-site repair services.

Machine Maintenance
After-sales Support

Our partnership does not end at order fulfillment, as our competent support team is always available to assist in after-sales inquiries.

Rapid Spare Parts Supplying
Rapid Spare Parts Supplying

Fully-stocked inventory guarantees fast shipment of spare parts, resolving equipment failures quicker and reducing downtime.

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