Our Warehouse

Backing up our strong sourcing capabilities is a well-maintained warehouse facility that keeps our abundant inventory of SMT parts and machines.

Contemporary Warehouse Backs You up

Located in the Chinese province of Shenzen, Goldland’s 1,000m2 warehouse is outfitted with well-organized product shelves for easy identification of SMT parts and machines. The strict quality system we impose within the warehouse guarantees consistency of product and guarantees fast and seamless deliveries.

Stringent Quality Control

Stringent Quality Control

3 Dedicated Inspectors

Ensuring that the SMT machines and parts in our inventory are at par with global requirements, we employ strict quality control standards observed throughout our facility. Led by seasoned quality inspectors with years of experience in the field, our quality control protocols see that only the best products leave our facility.

Abundant Inventory

3,000 kinds of SMT Products

Part of our commitment is providing the market with suitable SMT machines and parts with a large inventory from well-vetted manufacturers in the industry. From PCB conveyors to SMT reflow ovens, we have new and refurbished equipment to satisfy your needs.

Efficient Pick and Pack

1,000m² Warehouse

Not only are our SMT parts inspected for quality, but they are also correctly maintained within our warehouse through our intelligent storage system. This allows for efficient pick and packs packaging upon order fulfillment, reducing lead times and further bolstering your brand with your customers.

Reliable 3rd Logistic Partners

Sea, Land, and Air Transport

Working closely with respected logistics partners such as DHL, FedEx, and UPS, we guarantee the safe and on-time delivery of your SMT machines and parts to their final destinations.

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