00330538-06 Siemens Vaccuum Nozzle Type 756 956 for SMT chip place machine parts

Product Details

00330538-06 Siemens Vaccuum Nozzle Type 756 956 for SMT chip place machine parts

P/N: 00330538-06

Type: 756 956

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YAMAHA SS feeder used for YAMAHA YS12 YS12F YS24 YSM10 YSM20 smt machine
Part NumberDescriptionCondition
KHJ-MC100-00AYAMAHA SS 8mm feederOriginal new and used 
KHJ-MC200-00AYAMAHA SS 12/16mm feederOriginal new and used 
KHJ-MC400-00AYAMAHA SS 24mm feederOriginal new and used 
KHJ-MC500-001 YAMAHA SS 32mm feederOriginal new and used 
KHJ-MC600-001 YAMAHA SS 44mm feederOriginal new and used 
KHJ-MC700-001 YAMAHA SS 56mm feederOriginal new and used 
KHJ-MC800-001 YAMAHA SS 72mm feederOriginal new and used 
KHJ-MC900-001 YAMAHA SS 88mm feederOriginal new and used 
KHJ-MCH00-001YAMAHA YS/ZS Vibration FeederOriginal new and used 

YAMAHA FS/FT Type Feeders  New and Used

KJK-M1300-011/KJK-M1300-013YAMAHA FEEDER FS2 8X2mmOriginal used 
KJK-M1500-013YAMAHA FEEDER FS2 8X4mmOriginal used 
KJW-M1100-00*YAMAHA FT 8X2mm FEEDEROriginal used 
KJW-M1200-023YAMAHA FT 8X4mm FEEDEROriginal used 
YAMAHA CL Type Feeders  New and Used

KW1-M1300-00XYAMAHA  FEEDER CL8X2mm (0402)Original used 
KW1-M1100-000YAMAHA  FEEDER CL8X4mmOriginal used 
KW1-M1500-030YAMAHA  FEEDER CL8X2mm (0201)Original used 
KW1-M2200-300YAMAHA  FEEDER CL12mmOriginal used 
KW1-M3200-10XYAMAHA  FEEDER CL16mmOriginal used 
KW1-M4500-015YAMAHA  FEEDER CL24mmOriginal used 
KW1-M5500-010YAMAHA  FEEDER CL32mmOriginal used 
KW1-M6500-000YAMAHA  FEEDER CL44mmOriginal used 
KW1-M7500-000YAMAHA  FEEDER CL56mmOriginal used 
KW1-M8500-000YAMAHA  FEEDER CL72mmOriginal used 
KW1-M9500-000YAMAHA  FEEDER CL88mmOriginal used